This is the place to go if you are experimenting vegan lifestyle. So many organic food options. Herbs which are usually difficult to source are found here. Just love the alkaline canteen.

Name: Kadambari Aravind

A very good place for organic veggies and fruits. You can feel the change in taste of the groceries in this shop with the others. Service is good. I took my medicines for cynus... it proves really good and now i can breathe with no difficulty if i have cold. I became a light sleeper due to heavy exam stress and was unable to concentrate in my classes, but after using the medical oil with all kind of essential oils, prescribed by the doctor, i can now sleep for 7 hours without stirring. If u really want to take care of your health, my very good advice for you will be try this proves to be a really good store.

Name: Dhanu 10

Based on my coversation with the owner, they seem to be very picky about their suppliers and hold them to high standards. Very important these days as many shops seem to tradeoff cost for quality and no one to monitor.

Name: Nirmal Chander

Dr Rajendrans approach to spend focussed time to understand patients needs and attend to the root cause with atmost care and outcome oriented could be a life changing experience for those who are curious and serious to put their health on right track

Name: Swaminathan Natarajan