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Name: Reen Jacobs

I took a slimming course from here few years back. All my physical, mental and emotional issues were viewed before the course and it’s tailor made for my needs. I followed all the advice meticulously and lost 10kgs in one and a half month, without starving or heavy workouts.
It’s a natural way of healing your body and return back to it’s healthy, youthful self.
Thank you Sir, Forever grateful. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

Name: Sujata Ranganathan

I have been having sugar many year. I v tried all medications and diet but it didn’t notcome down. Once I went to annai organic shop to get hair tablet . That is when I met Dr Rajendran on Feb 2021. He asked my problems. When I went to him my fasting sugar was 140 and post prandial was 299 and my weight was 76 . I used be upset about my sugar. Dr Rajendran gave me positive thought saying that I v no sugar. I started taking fruits and raw vegetables and some tonic which Dr. Rajendran prescribed. I had no milk products, oil, sugar,rice etc for one month. My sugar became normal. Recently I checked my sugar, my fasting sugar was 74, pp 114 and hba1c 5.8. For 6 months I sugar has not gone up. I really thank Dr. Rajendran for giving me positive taught and I am really grateful to him.
Recently he introduced blackstrap molasses which is very good. I was obese before. My body weight has reduced

Name: Arunkumar Alagiri

My wife suffered with severe joint pain from 2013 throughout the body finally ESI Hospital K.K Nagar Doctors diagnosed and confirmed that she suffered with SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus) and she started Treatment with Rheumatologist had lot of steroid Tablets and pain killers. it worked, No pains after that. but lot of side effects like makes skin darker, Black circle around lips, hair loss, weight increased, make her very Tired and painful. so, she decided not to get married. Dr also advised the same. however, I have asked Dr initially he suggested not to go. later he said its upto you then we got married and continue the tablets and 1st pregnancy also lot of problems faced…she hardly survived the life.

Luckily, we came to know about ANNAI ORGANIC referred by another Doctor in 2018 he told one of his relatives got SLE cured. So, we decided to go and Met Dr Rajendiran sir at 1st meeting itself I am impressed he explained its not all disease we can cure 100%. so, she followed sir advise had medicine prepared by him and followed the diet (healthy food only) as advised. it worked a lot initially she had both allopathy and sir tablets slowly stopped after 3 months had taken only ANNAI ORGANIC medicine she feels good. slowly side effects reduced like skin color changed and the circle around lip gone, hairs also started growing, weight reduced, no pains Now she followed regular life without any challenges… Medicine price also similar compare to allopathy.

Now we are leading good life and 2nd delivery also done had mothers’ milk as well. for 1st baby she does not have. So, we feel the magic with Ourselves. so Nowadays we used to recommend ANNAI ORGANIC clinic to all my friends and relatives. so, we want to share the magic happened to us after I met Rajendiran sir to all.

Now we feel the goodness of Tamil medicine.
Thank you Dr Rajendiran sir !!!

Name: Jawahar Rajendran

I almost reached my weight to 100 kg and struggling to walk or stand in a place for not more than 15 min. Even though I was staying near to Annai Organic shop, I haven’t visited or taken consultation. Everything has been changed after May 2021. I visited the shop for some other reason, and I got a very detailed consultation. I underwent weight-loss treatment with detox suggested by him (Cell food, Herbal shots, and Water therapy), and I almost reduced 10 kg in a month in a healthy way. I am taking alkaline food, and I am happy that I entered into a healthy lifestyle

Name: Maria Solomon

15 kg reduced in 3 months
Started taking treatment at Annai Organics for irregular periods, pcod and hypothyroid. After 2 months got wonderful results : 1. Reduced 11kgs weight 2. Thyroid became normal (TSH was 7.18Now 1.42 ) 3. Prolactin hormone levels also became normal ( before 40.80 now 12.30) 4. Used to get periods only after 9month. Now got every month. My cist also washout.. Further due to a natural, organic and alkaline diet feeling very healthy, energetic and light. Special mention to Dr.Rajendran who is very knowledgeable in this area. Excellent guide and mentor who shows a lot of care and attention. He is speaking Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam& English, very kindly human, he is not charging consultation fee from us very happy with the service.